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Hello, thanks for playing on!

This is a Semi-Vanilla SMP server, hosted by two passionate streamers, Shinkaii_Rin and RivsLive. has multiple QOL features and changes that aims to provide all players that enjoy multiplayer minecraft the best experience possible!

There are features such as:

  1. Land claiming to protect builds from grief
  2. Warps to allow communities, shops and events to thrive
  3. Voting rewards such as Ranks and Items
  4. RTP,  randomly teleports the player onto a point of the map
  5. Dynmap shows your build on the server wide map
  6. Markets allowing selling and purchasing of in game items with in game currency.
  7. Daily login rewards that give bountiful in game rewards, claim with /daily!
  8. Interesting item sets that give slight improvements to your vanilla experience!

There are changes such as: 

  1. Fast tree cutting with stone + axes
  2. Trade shop that allows users to search for items they want to buy with the /shop command
  3. Ability to obtain spawners with silk touch diamond+ pickaxes and updating the spawner type with mob eggs
  4. Automatic chest sorting, support all the people that like tidiness out there ✨
  5. When slaying players and mobs, have a chance to collect their skulls!

The server uses diamonds as the primary currency, so NO pay to win happens on the server!

We have everything an SMP has, well most likely do atleast..

Hope you enjoy your time here :)